Command Format Example

#add Kevin 555 555 5555
#topic College Friends

Group SMS on GroupMe
(U.S. Only)

You can create and manage groups simply by sending text messages—no app or smartphone needed. Just use these commands.

Message and data rates may apply

Global Commands

Text these commands to GROUP (+1 9734196864)

#new [topic]
Creates a new group with a unique phone number.
Sends you a text that lists all the commands here.

Group Commands

Text these commands to your group's phone number

#add [name] [number]
Adds a new member to the group
#remove [name or number]
Removes a member of the group
#mute / #unmute
Mutes the group - you will no longer receive messages from the group until you send #unmute
#topic [topic]
Changes the group name
Sends you a text listing all the members of the group
#name [name]
Changes your nickname in the group
Removes you from the group